BTC Prague 2024

From June 13 -15

Visit BitcoinTaps at 21World community Booth in the EXPO HALL during BTC Prague and tap your own drink payed with Bitcoin Lightning.

We’re also selling a limited number of DIY Bitcoin Beer Tap kits to people who like to have their own Bitcoin Beer Tap.

If you can’t join our building workshop, no worries, we arrange an online event to build it together with you.
So come to the 21World community booth and ask for a PartyTap Kit.

Get your own Bitcoin Beer Tap kit for €160,- pay in Bitcoin

Ask a BitcoinTaps representive at the 21World booth in the Expo Hall
With a Tap kit you’re welcome to join the Bitcoin Beer Tap Building Party.

We’re planning a local Bitcoin Beer Tap event
during BTC Prague

Keep an eye on this page for more info
about our Bitcoin Beer Tap Building Party

BTC Prague brings people transformative experience that deepens your understanding, expand your network, and empower your bitcoin journey. 
Whether you’re looking to enhance your knowledge, find your next big opportunity, or simply connect with fellow bitcoin enthusiasts, BTC Prague offers you the ideal setting.

Use code EENENTWINTIG for a 10% ticket price reduction