Welcome to the ProTap, where paying with Bitcoin and getting your drink is as easy as a tap! Our user-friendly system makes using Bitcoin a breeze, giving you the ultimate Bitcoin experience.

The ultimate Bitcoin experience

Rent for your event

Our ProTap service is available for rent, perfect for any event, whether it’s a Bitcoin meetup or any gathering that needs a self-serving tap system.


Event organizers will love the ProTap because all taps are connected to BitcoinTaps management portal. Monitoring remote all poored drinks, manage offered volumes and prices and control whether all taps are operational and all this real-time.

Project services & support

Unlock the full potential of your events with our ProTaps project services! From beers to sodas, juices to wines, cocktails to water – we cater to all drink preferences. Our custom solutions are tailored to your event’s needs, ensuring a seamless installation and on-site support to enhance the experience for all attendees. Trust us to maximize the enjoyment and success of your event with our professional installation and support services.

Choose your ProTap Setup

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Experience the future of payments and convenience with BitcoinTaps!

Video: ProTap product launch at Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023

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