BitcoinTaps launched at Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023

At Europe’s biggest Bitcoin conference, we introduced our latest model of the Bitcoin tap to visitors from all around the world.

In the Expo hall at the Westergas Venue, visitors were introduced to a completely new way of ordering and paying for their beer – with Bitcoin, and then they were able to tap their own drink!

Users are guided through the display on the tap, from placing the order to paying with Bitcoin and up to tapping their own beer. The smooth and seamless handling of the entire process, combined with the result of a perfectly poured beer, made it an unforgettable experience for users.

Many visitors tested the taps and were full of praise for the operation and the taste of the beer. We can conclude that BitcoinTaps, in combination with event partner Lowlander beer, has brought people together and has had a unifying effect.

Record speed beer tapping in Amsterdam​

Data from the beer taps indicates that a total of 506 beers were tapped. Moreover, visitors managed to set an event record of 6 beers in a minute – an impressive achievement that underscores the versatility and efficiency of BitcoinTaps.

Streamlined Beverage Service​

BitcoinTaps is not only a hit among visitors but also offers practical advantages for organizers and entrepreneurs.

The self-service tap is globally applicable and compatible with existing tap installations, requiring only the tap to be replaced. Our service includes both the tapping and the payment processing, completely hassle-free.

All BitcoinTaps payments are processed quickly, securely, and reliably through our Bitcoin payment partner, Lightning Checkout.

In addition to beer, in 2024 we will introduce BitcoinTaps with all kind of drinks from water, soft drinks, wines, to cocktails.

‘BitcoinTaps offers visitors an unforgettable experience

while organizers can minimize queues and reduce the need for staff