BitcoinTaps Offline Payments demo

BitcoinTaps just got a new requested feature, we now support both online and offline Bitcoin Lightning payments.

Online payments are processed through regular Bitcoin Lightning invoices and require an internet connection.
Offline payments, as the name suggests, do not require any internet connection during service.

Making a Bitcoin Lightning payment, without Internet connection, now how does this work?

Lets try to explain:
When the Tap device is online and connected to BitcoinTaps service portal (running LNbits), updates in its configuration (like adjust pricing, tap duration, labels and a shared secret) are directly pushed to the Tap device, and is immediately available.
The Tap device always stores the latest version of this configuration. So when the PartyTap goes offline, it uses the latest known configuration. When someone orders a drink, the Tap generates a PIN, which is encrypted with the shared secret. This encrypted data is transformed into an LNURL and presented in the form of a QR code on the screen of the Tap.
Our service portal adds a note to the Lightning payment that contains a link that, when opened, displays the PIN. Entering the PIN on the Tap device will then bring you to the start of the pouring process!

Have a look at the demo below

Operating modes

BitcoinTap devices supports three operating modes: online, offline and auto.

  • In online mode, the Tap device is only available when there is an active internet connection with our BitcoinTaps service portal. All configuration changes are in real time pushed to the Tap device.
  • In offline mode, the PartyTap is forced into offline mode, independent of the availabillity of an internet connection. When the PartyTap is connected, updates to product configuration are still pushed to the device, but the payment flow remains the offline variant.
  • In auto mode, the PartyTap switches between online and offline payment mode, depending on the availability of an internet connection. If no connection is available, it automatically switches to offline mode. Internet back? then online payment mode is resumed.