The ultimate Bitcoin Orange Pilling device

Do you like to dive into the world of Bitcoin and Lighting payments while enjoying a refreshing beer?

With this PartyTap, Bitcoin becomes the life of the party as people pay with a Lightning wallet and pour their beer.

It’s fun, easy to use, and results in a great first Bitcoin impression for people with no prior knowledge of Bitcoin.

Now you can show how Bitcoin works in practice and create more awareness of Bitcoin among a wider audience.

Join the Bitcoin Beer tap party

How to get your own Bitcoin Beer Tap

We have a PartyTap demo at our booth during Bitcoin events so you can see how it operates.
The idea is that you build your Bitcoin Beer Tap yourself.
Yes, we hear you ;-)
Don’t worry we guide you through the whole process, no hardware or software hacking skills are required. You will learn about Bitcoin and more by building this lovely funny orange pilling device.

Follow these Steps to get your Bitcoin Beer tap running

Step 1: Buy a DIY PartyTap Kit and pay with Bitcoin the amount of 160,- EUR

Visit BitcoinTaps at one of our upcoming events and ask if there are PartyTap Kits available. First come first serviced.

Step 2: Join a Building Bitcoin Beer Tap Event

Once you have your DIY PartyTap Kit you’re welcome to join one of our Bitcoin Beer Tap Building events, live or online.
If you think it’s fun to build your Bitcoin Beer Tap together with friends, please do and invite them, depending on the location we may ask a small extra fee per person to over costs.

Step 3: Buy a 5 liter keg of your favorite beer

The PartyTap is compatible with 5 liter barrels, available in various supermarkets, liquor stores and online through various countries in Europe.
At, you’ll find an extensive selection of 5-liter beer kegs that are compatible with your PartyTap. Jump to your country to see all beer flavors:

[ United Kingdom ] [ Nederland ] [ Italia ] [ France ] [ Deutschland ]

[ España ] [ België | Belgique ] [ Österreich ] [ Portugal ] [ Luxembourg ]

We will add more online shops in different countries.
If you find any please let us know.

Step 4: Let’s get that Bitcoin Beer tap out there and see how the world responds

Congrats! Now you’re ready to show your friends and family the power of Bitcoin.
You learned during the Beer Tap Building event how to set the beer volume and beer price. If people don’t know anything about Bitcoin let them install a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet, sent them some Satoshi’s and they are good to go. You get your Sats back you know.

Once you’re comfortable it’s time to take your Bitcoin Beer tap for a test drive and see how it fares out in the real world! Watch and enjoy as people react.
One thing for sure, they will never forget their first Bitcoin experience!


Your PartyTap is connected to our BitcoinTaps portal to be able to update, configure your PartyTap, monitor incoming Satoshi payments and sent Satoshi’s to your Lightning wallet.
To run our portal there is a 5% fee on the transaction fee. This fee is intended to support maintenance and development of BitcoinTaps.

You’re welcome to donate by sending Satoshi’s to [email protected] or use our website

Have fun, learn, teach and talk about the powers of Bitcoin by pooring a beer.
You will orange pill people with your own Proof of Work, enjoy the party!

Join the party and Build Your own Bitcoin Beer Tap
at one of these events

Join one of the PartyTap events to build your own Bitcoin PartyTap
In about two or three hours you will build your Bitcoin Beer Tap, you don’t need any hardware or software hacking experience.
During this event you are guided to build your own Lightning Beer Tap. While doing so, you’ll learn about Bitcoin Lightning payments, LNbits and IoT devices.

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