Protap setups

All setups are based on the ProTap and include integrated Bitcoin Lightning Payments.
ProTaps are connected using WiFi & Internet to BitcoinTaps online management portal for real-time clearing of all payment transactions, remote management of drink prices, drink volumes, ProTap software updates and online monitoring.


Introducing our flagship: The autonomous Bitcoin Beer Tap where guests getting excited to pay with Bitcoin and pour their own drinks.

Say goodbye to compatibility issues – the ProTap seamlessly integrates with existing tap systems. Simply swap out your standard tap handle for the sleek ProTap, or opt for one of our specially designed setups for an effortless pour every time.

Experience the future of pouring drinks with BitcoinTaps cutting-edge technology.
Cheers to convenience, innovation and Satoshi!

Available bitointap setups

Select one or make a combination of different tap setups
BitcoinTaps delivers onsite services so operations during your event are guaranteed.


Discover our sleek and efficient dry cooling compact ProTap table setup, complete with one or two ProTaps. Perfect for Bitcoin events and parties, this versatile system can accommodate all kinds of beer kegs and other beverages. Elevate your gathering with ease and style.


Fully autonomous tap, compatible with current tap systems, just replace the tap handle with the ProTap or use one of our dry cooling systems.


Most compact way of pouring beer by using pre cooled kegs.
Including the compact CO2 bottle this is a very flexible and fast setup.

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